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Ticket Owl

A Tool to Check for Website Changes

Status: Functional - to a point...

This project is a simple way to check for the presence of text, or lack thereof on a website.

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Ben Frankly

Ben Franklin's random opinions and descriptions of people.

Status: Silly and Operational

This project is another Micro-API for presenting Ben Franklin's random opinions of people. It required parsing through Ben Franklin's Autobiography for descriptions he has of people and then editing them down. After that the data was loaded into DynamoDB and assigned numeric ids to allow randomized precalculation of the specific entry to query for. I use AWS Services including Lambda, DynamoDB, and API Gateway to output the random quote and Google's Recaptcha tool to verify I'm not sending spam to my API endpoint.

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Chameleon Color Scheme API

Autogenerated color schemes via image processing.

Status: Silly and operational

This project is a Micro-API for autogenerated colors schemes. It takes advantage of a few AWS Services including Lambda, DynamoDB, and API Gateway to output sets of RGB values depending on the image provided. It also contains a 'random' endpoint which outputs a random auto-generated scheme from preprocessed high-quality landscape images.

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US State Sales Tax API

An API to get US Sales Tax by State

Status: Under Development

The project will return the state sales tax based on one of two potential inputs. Either the state abbreviation as a lookup ID or geographical coordinates. The state abbreviations will map directly to entries in the lookup table. The geocoordinates will be processed by a Lambda function that takes advantage of the Google geocoding API

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Pigeon - Serverless Contact Forms

SMS and Email notification forms using AWS, Twilio and Google Repcaptcha.

Status: Version 2 Completed

This project has two iterations.

The first is a contact form submitted via which requires submission with Google Recaptcha verification. This form content and Recaptcha data is sent via API Gateway to a Python AWS Lambda function for validation. On success, an email is sent to me via AWS Simple Email Service.

Version 2 replace an SES email with an SMS message via Twilio and improves the deployment process with the use of the Serverless Framework. The Lambda function is written in Node.js

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Serverless Finch

A Serverless Framework Plugin to deploy static sites.

Status: Stable Version Released

I can't take much credit for this one, I basically just found a broken npm project that folks had lost the credentials for and then republished it with minor modifications.

The package integrates with the Serverless Framework to deploy static website assets to Amazon S3.

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Living Wage API

An API to find living wage rates in different parts of the US

Status: Stalled - Proprietary Data Ownership

The purpose of this project is to make it easy to compare living wages between different parts of the United States. The project is unfortunately stalled because the dataset is copyrighted and we were unable to get permission to use it.

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